A cup of Coffee and a Thousand Possibilities


 A day before yesterday three of us decided to finally have a coffee together. It was on the roof top canteen of our college. Our canteen these days has been a nice place to hang out. It serves good variety of food and so we enjoy being there …basking in the sun.

 MizBold started the conversation asking Hayah why is it that people express their emotions through touch, why it moves from a handshake to a hug and then the kiss. Is it necessary?Then Hayah the most intelligent among us gave the scientific theories involves our hormones (being an ex med student) Something about “pheremones”…

Then I asked MizBold and Hayah how to instigate the passion to write. In my case, whenever I sit and try to write, I always end up not writing ,except for few sentences which I do not like at all. And the two intellectuals in front of me started to explain. Hayah said that one should try to write whatever is in the mind continuously even if the sentences are wrongly constructed or there is no flow but just keep writing.. This is called “train of conciousness” . MizBold also told me not to be “perfectionist” while writing. After writing one can edit but while writing just go with the flow. I really liked the idea.

By the way Hayah has tagged me as a “vulgarian” (try figuring out why). I don’t know whether these things happen in your case or not but when I am with friends, and when one says something, I tend to think the simple sentence in a different way. That is only for amusement.

  Happens to everyone na? But frequent tendency to understand everything in that sense is absolutely uncool .Sometime for fun, it is cool.We finnnaaaly got to the point….discussing what next for Alive and Kickin.

Basically we will be dealing with most of the topics that are contemporary, that are thought provoking and that totally interest us.


It started with a kiss. Not the act, but the talk.  😉 French kiss to be exact. “Coffee wonder” I would say or what else can be the reason for the subject which is never discussed to surface?

Don’t you need to learn to do it?

Hell no.

You just need to be overwhelmed with emotions and the rest is automatic.

Do you think South Asians do it? Like our parents? Can’t think of that really. I’m sure they don’t even know of it!

 I can’t imagine them doing that , man…… Ugh! Sounds gross.

And what about the chances of suffocating to death? Something I always wonder about: Why don’t Smoochers Die?

Duh! Kisses, here we go. There are two kinds. One done with the mouth closed. Just a peck on the lips, you know the mother child thing. The other is done with an open mouth.

What if your mouth is locked with one another for good?

‘That doesn’t happen silly’ she said giving me that weary look. We roared with laughter.

So are we discussing a kiss over a cup of coffee? Absolutely not! It was a Coffee Date that had finally materialized months after we actually planned it.

The Coffee bums: Hayah, me and Radiance.

Venue: Our rooftop college canteen.

Though its self service at other times, on this particular occasion the coffee was brought to us. The coffee arrived and our diaries and notebooks were brought outside their usual hideouts and placed on the table. We were there to talk “Hardcore Blogging”, discuss the ample of possibilities in the blogosphere. And if you’re wondering why discuss over a cup of coffee rather than a couple of pizzas and momos.

Then here’s the Catch: A Cup of Coffee and a 1000 possibities. Nothing’s impossible over a cup of Coffee!

So what do we want Alive N Kickin to be?

A potpourri: Art, religion, terrorism, business, politics, development, feminism and emotions anything under the sun. We just voice our thoughts.


I think what has to be said, has been said na? You guys sound sooo gross man!! Vulgarians!!! hehehehe….it was fun thou, coffee and a thousand possiblities…. And yeah, we now know what next for Alive and Kickin. Alive and Kickin we hope is gonna be a pot pourri blog….of a mish mash of everything that intrests us, amuses us and brings out the fiery in us. We want guest coloumists, regular bloggers, free flow of words, ideas and intellect!! Its gotta be smart, fun and fab! So…here goes…

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About blogbhoots

What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

3 thoughts on “A cup of Coffee and a Thousand Possibilities

  1. College canteen and coffee and frens..that adroned by the warm sun of early winter, there is no limit to possibilites there. Ah, miss those days..well well,,,make the most out there. And look forward to more ideas and talks and the whole potpourri. Keep in coming!

  2. alive and kicking…way to go…just a thought more of the vulgarian stuffs is welcomed….cheers!!!!!!!!!! and best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    truly yours

    Airhead 🙂

  3. Great!

    Darshan is probably a motivation behind your blog and I enjoyed reading yours. I hope you will continue!!!!

    Good luck

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