Happy New year 2007

Wow!!! 2006 What a year!!!! Its been soooo awesome and I don’t know where to start. To recap in jus a few words is impossible, but I will make an effort to do so.

So what made 2006 such a awesome year? Everything….every single awesome thing. From the miniature moments of happiness to the tears to hellos and goodbyes. It was the fights and the misunderstandings, it was the jokes and the laughter, it was the coffee and the noodles.

It was the college life:
It was the sharing the salary booty with loved ones. It was the “I am so broke man” of student life. It was ‘’zero balance’’ for 11 out of 12 months of the year. It was the transfer of and request of (well more or less the demanding of) NTC phone recharge from friends who were equally broke. It was walking home with jelly feet coz you hadn’t eaten the whole day. It was walking home coz you were too broke to climb the cheapest available transport and the only thing you wanted to do was cry, isn’t it MizBold? And yet we shared our booty and our phone recharge. And we swapped pennies. And we shared lunches and complained and lived on.

It was the flippin words: yeah that’s right. The development of sinister vocabulary that was as close to code tongue as we could get. There was the ‘’flippin’’, ‘’floppin’’ and what was it ‘’fluppin’’? There was the ‘’arse olds’’. There was the ‘’vulgarian’’ and ‘’vulgaria’’. There was the “meet” and the ‘’productivity’’. And lots more.

There was the list drawn up as to what exactly we will be (as per our teachers from first year till today): We will be “development walas”, and Community development workers, development advisors, development practitioners, development economist, conservationists, human resource managers, peace builders, leaders, professional mediators, professional negotiators, social workers…..and you name it, we’ll be it!!

There was the “I wanna hug you” and the “I wanna kick you”, the intellectual talks and the side talks. There was the rolling of eyeballs and the rolling on of long loooong boring classes.

But most importantly there was the laughter and there was the love. The growth of friendships and self discovery. We saw ourselves in each other and we discovered new persons in people we’ve known for months. We’ve discovered new potential in ourselves and supported the potential in each other. We’ve competed and let others win. We’ve understood.

It must have been the love:
The defense and offence of protective love. The unconditional love, the newly found love. The love for strangers. The love for family and friends. The merger and the diffusion of love. The sharing and the retaining of love. The protection and the letting go of love. The love to need, and the need to love. The selfless love and the selfish love. The love the one found within oneself and the love for oneself one found in others. The love to keep to oneself, and the love to let free. Thank you for the love.

It must have been the tears:
Motherly tears, paternal tears. Tears of anxiety. Tears of strength. Tears of utter hurt and dire possibility of letting go. Tears of leaving and being left behind. Tears of inspiration. Tears of tiredness and stress. Tears of losing oneself in the process of living life.

It must have been the inspiration:
The “Yeah man I’m gonna do that too”. The “Lets do it!!” and the “Garnayneee!” The transitional justice class, the talk of a youth parliament, the possibility of improving lives of people one has never met, the human rights tosh and the post conflict rebuilding chitchat. The youth social forums and the power packed good governance hand outs.

It was the fusion:
It was all of the above in its individual retrospect and in the mosaic of intertwining the functioning’s of each other. The sadness and the happiness hand in hand that made this year so splendid for many of us. And it is our hope that the next year that shall arrive to override this one and make us older wiser humans shall be all of the goodness and strength of this year’s and more.


I hope that it will make someone of all of us. I know wishing for world peace has become stale….but here’s wishing each of our contribution in making space for the betterment of a life, ours or others a more easier one to live through.

Here’s wishing that you smile and laugh manifold and that every tear you cry make you stronger and may it be worth it.

Here’s wishing you manifold happiness and incase sorrow passes your way, believe that it’s a blessing in disguise. Because everything has a reason, and that reason will make you more sensible.

Here’s wishing you confusion that shall help you find answers to life’s questions. And hurt that shall help you heal. And happiness that shall let you share. And hugs that will melt your pains. Here’s wishing you strength. And best of all love that shall come your way infinitely that shall let you give infinitely.

Most of all here’s wishing you the BEST YEAR YET!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!



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About blogbhoots

What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

4 thoughts on “Happy New year 2007

  1. An year ..i laughed like never b4, wept like a most pathetic person. ever. ah and the walks home, with tears literally streamin down my face..ah the anger, the sense of uselessness and that utter sense of loneliness sometimes they came easy n there were times i thought damn “these damn tears why can’t they fall” …life had never been so easy..it had never been so hard. broke!! do i need to say we all know wht exactly BROKE IS!!

    her love, his love, they talk becuz the bombshell is ur fren, they talk because you listen…the world’s in love.. and you walk past all lovers realising not for me,, not where i wanna be….life it has its own pace of reflectin ur personality…but life’s good isn’t it? with all its masti and masaledar experiences..
    confusion..it will persist, fights ( we should continue fighting ha ha ha ..that makes for everything wonderful you come across after that!), broke..i plan to grow richer tis year!! lol How????????????? well that requires u to pay a million dollar first! ha hah aha , and inspiration? hmm what else do we need than one another to get inspired??? sara sansar bal ho, we know we rock hoina ta chicks? lol ( ur dialogue hayah if u remember 🙂 )

    may this yr be the best one we ever had, all that i wish for.. let’s yell ho Garneeeeeeeeeeeeeee louder, kick one another, scribble hey monster and hey hulk’s toenail in class.. i can’t dream being any Saner!!
    all the best for Exams Dudettes that Rock!! 🙂 cya on Wednesday…..byeeeeeeeeee Good Governance ko Exam ma ta Tahalka Garnu parcha hai, No excuses!!

    lots of love and heart warming Hugs Honey!!

  2. hey hayah

    ya ya inspirations, understanding,cries,laughter and high level of energy is what has constituted this year especially the latter half of the year. And zaded yes talking about his love and her love his proposal or her proposal just becuz the bombshell is ur fren. Yehi to ho bidam bana ko kura natra bhane we would have even talked more about his/ her love. But this year i should say this semester has been rocking wih rocking teachers literally shaking us up to do more to do better. U guys know whom I am talking about. and i think our energy level should be even higher in the next semester than this semster’s . It will be rocking. And by the way, hayah, thanks for the hug though most of the times I want to kick your …. U know what right??

    I hope this year will bring more laughter and babaal work ahead of us with more of discussions and some concrete actions.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to U All 2007


  3. Great going gals! This theme is exactly what I had in mind…hmmm we think ALIKE ! 😉 now you’re gonna take the blogosphere by storm..
    Rock on!

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