Snowfall in Kathmandu: Here’s the Generation that Saw it All!

I’m Alive

When you call for me
When I hear you breath
I got wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive

When you look at me
I can touch the sky
I know that I’m alive

When you blessed the day
I just drift away
All my world is right
I’m glad that I’m alive

I’m Alive by Celion Dion

I snuggled under my blanket at 2: OOpm, Feb 14, 2007 to be exact. The alarm was set to ring at 2: 15. I was making a desperate attempt to take a nap. Mom called to inform at 2 : “IT’S SNOWING!!” I literally jumped out of bed. Looked outside my bedroom to see that IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! Flew up the flight of stairs and reached the terrace. Climbed higher and stepped out in the Rain Cum Snow combination clad only in a thin sweatshirt to FEEL the magic. Looking up at the skies it felt as though million of stars were falling down on me. As if the Lord had literally picked the stars and was saying “Here I bring the stars on your feet, Just For You!” My lips quivered, teeth clattered in equal timings and the entire body shivered with cold. And as strange as it might sound I felt that I was Santa Claus 🙂 I Was Sooooo Romantically Cold.

With the neighborhood guys going “Haaaaaaa, huuuuuuuuuu” and the girls yelling “ Aaaaaaa, ooooooooooo” I felt as if I were the luckiest person ALIVE. “Ma ta baulaunchu hola yaar” (I think I will go mad) I told my sister. Dad was standing nearby, he laughed “ha ha ha” confronting my “wild” side. I was undoubtedly going insane with joy. Snow on my Terrace, how good could a Valentine’s Day Get??? The first time I ever saw snow outside the idiot box, the first time I heard the soft landing of the snow on my head other than RHCP’s “Snow hey yo”…the first time I Realized Romance Existed in the White beyond The Usual ReD Rules…And the very first time A Valentine’s Day Ever Mattered To Me!

snow in bhaktapur durbar square

Patan Durbar Square on Wednesday during a rare snowfall. The valley saw its first snowfall in 62 years.

Photo by: Rajesh K.C ( Courtesy E-kantipur)

The understanding of love is personal. So it the experience. Different hearts, different heads, and different lives are definitely bound to end in inscrutable love stories. Some connect on a mental level turn “Baudik Premis” (Intellectual lovers), some on a physical one. Whatever its kind, whatever the type the feeling is the same.
“We try to complicate it”, tells my Baudik saathi. “Infact it is a child’s play”.

He lights a cigarette, looks up and releases the smoke. “A thoughtful act” I tell him sipping my hot lemon. I make an attempt to understand him. I thank my name for the umpteenth time. The first email had read “Your parents have given you a nice name”. Hail the existence of the internet for that! We turned friends.

My mentor in a lot of things. Talk sense, talk nuisance he understands my language.

He never forgets to thank me either, for making them meet. A coincidence. Didn’t have any matchmaker intentions honestly. 🙂 But as is said “what is to be, will be”. It was love at first sight, or rather Instinct at first sight. The two of them, include me in their dreams. I am the “Doctor Rana” (a character in the drama “Putaliko ghar”) in their talks. “Too fast.” I tell them. “But then again the bigger the risk, the bigger the gain” isn’t it?” I can’t keep anything to myself. “Time will tell” we all agree.

Not every guy meets a girl on a Valentine’s Day to proclaim love. Not every guy and a girl having a cup of coffee on a Feb 14 necessarily feel anything for the person sitting across them. And Not everyone’s romantic instincts get numbed the moment another human entity materializes in front of them. People are strange. Delve deeper into their strangeness and you turn a Stranger too. The “You” before is no more the “You” are now.

It is no more “You” first “I” second. Its always the “I”. Selfish as it may sound it’s a fact. “We” is too farfetched a dream. And what more can I say than sing this song and remember giving him a hard time ( ha ha ha):

“Some guys have all the luck
Some guys have all the pain
Some guys get all the breaks
Some guys do nothing but complain”



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4 thoughts on “Snowfall in Kathmandu: Here’s the Generation that Saw it All!

  1. Yippee!! I was gonna put an entry up on snow too, but you did it…well done!! people….MizBold has arrived!! and I hope she stays! 🙂

  2. i think snow is useless for nepal unless we have enough blankets to cover us all. I wish rice would fall down from the sky of nepal!

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