on blogging and guffs

I guess light years have gone since an entry was put here. I feel like its up to me now to save this blog from the grips of sheer boredom and lack of use.

Anyway, moving on, its been such a swift 5 months of this year. Its amazing but it feels like 2 whole years have been poured into these 5 months but I can remember very little of it as before one could think or react the moment has passed to be overtaken by another and another and another.

I have changed this last month, changed myself and been changed by more than one person. And I believe for the better. We all evolve in the strangest ways. I was also another person waiting for something, anything to break the monotony of utter stupidity and utter lowdome that i had fallen into and it happened! Thank God it happened. The words, merely words did the magic.

On another note the month has bought with it the loss of young life, a dear friend and a carefree person. But its now time to celebrate her existence, to remember and smile with the things she loved and lived for. Its time to go forward with all the precious lessons her life taught us, more than we could ever know. We are not moving on as a whole, one part of us will always remain with the moment we lost her, the rest moves on with the memories of her.

Each life to the other is of such value, that we dont really know to what depth and extent. Its too deep to comprehend. Each life to the other is like a light on to darkness, like a key onto a treasure chest, like a blessing on to a struggling soul and we are connected, in the strangest ways, we all are…..


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About blogbhoots

What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

2 thoughts on “on blogging and guffs

  1. I hope you will continue blogging. Life changes and that’s the truth we can not chang, with each change we have other things to focus on – still if we get time to write on blog, it becomes our good friend and a reminder of how well we used to write.

  2. I almost jumped on seeing this entry on “our”? /”your” blog!! 🙂 and can you belive it i only joined hi5 recently..i mean when there was a hi5 hype among everyone I knew! ( perhaps our envt law sir inspired me) and for the changes..I think I have changed a looooot too yaar, this semester was like nothing else than ever happened in life..
    ah the comment on Hero….remember writing We the Heroes on a paper sometime in the past..was watching our favorite show 🙂 Heroes on STar world and I realized sth, guess what? The heroes are only entangled in themselves..they are the problems and the problem solvers both..nothing to do with saving the world as they call it..that part where Peter absorbs radioactive substance surely showed me the light. NOw they are the bomb and the bomb diffusers both so what the hell with Saving the World there, still i love to watch it…he he

    and what to talk of life, reminds me of a line in a book I read quite sometime ago ” Life is a lonely affair, you may share companionship from time to time but in the end you are always alone”… so hard losing a friend yaar, I feel there used to someone here beside me, laughing at my jokes, pinching me, calling me names ..she was ALIVE and she had so many dreams…and now there is nothing but emptiness…i just wish these exams to be over and then perhaps would have all time in the world to miss her again..I think dying is easier you know…you get leave for good, its living that is so hard..and I think maybe I should be happy that she LIVED when she breathed and good that she will never face any hardship in her life now..she is liberated. I pray no one loses a friend yaar, its so hard to find one..and when they are gone you so self-consciously on your own. every conversation with sb else feels half-ass, as if compromising with life with the ppl you want to be with, I look around to see if she is there after the exams…I mean I had a person who would be looking out for me, waiting there to ask about it or just share a company and now I look around the crowd of familiar faces and that’s it, there is Noone….might as well break down..life….anyways felt good to express here ! thanks for the space in thy blog 🙂 got to study tourism now..best of luck to you too.

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