The rocky ships of relations…

If life is the sea, then the relations we make are the ships on which we travel this vast blueness. Sometimes an awe inspiring experience, sometimes stormy. I blog today with exasperation, because I cannot grasp the mindset of some people with whom I am relations with. People sometimes fill me with immense humanness like the nectar of joy, while other times they leave me empty….just that..empty….

I feel empty today, disconnected, kept aside, unbothered with, left out, forgotten…

Did they forget my existence or did they remember me but did not speak it among themselves? Is it they left me out because I am new? They unbothered with me due to the hassle of arrangements? The kept me aside for their convenience? They feel as disconnected with me as I am of them?

I dislike this disconnection. I do not know if I am to feel this way or if its just my imagination. But I am hurt all the same, because I hurt easily. I long for the closeness that I see between them. But I am not among them so I am apart.

I wish I could call them my own,
But your own sometime can forget you

Did you remember me when all this was happening? Did you contemplate how I would feel not knowing?

Thank you for leaving me out,

I think I found out that the only ones I can call my own are the ones I was born into….

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What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

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