To fill the spaces

I find myself upholding my word. While two of my good friends undergo a cold war, I thought I’d post some poetry written by another friend of mine (who shall remain unnamed). They happen to be a bit different…see what u think and please do comment…


War and hope

Yet they tried
They tried to live a normal life
Their lives were never normal
Yet they tried

Yet they died
To protect family and country
Through battles and wars
Yet they died

Blood spilt
Like milk on a clumsy morning
Like rain on stormy nights
Blood spilt

Children cried
Through the bullets and the bangs
Through the fury of man
Children cried

Yet they hoped
That each morning will bring relief
That each night will bring silence
Yet they hoped

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About blogbhoots

What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

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