Blogbhoots in a cycle of anonymity

Well Radiance called it a ‘vicious cycle of anonymity’ but I’m toning it down. This is regarding the post “Rocky ships of relations’, what a silly title come to think of it, but at the time the writer had no clue what to put. The writer wrote the entry on the same day (the morning past the time) that Radiance and Zaded (MizBold) entered a state of cold war, over a misunderstanding that was not of their own making, but of entirely different persons (as far as I know).

The writer on the other hand was having an extream attack of lonliness (that she now realizes was baseless) and having gone to office, she blogged the entry during her lunch break. Thinking that it was Zaded who wrote the entry, Radience (anonymously) attacked it with her comments (2 back to back and fierce!). Hayah went in to mellow the mood with the 3rd comment. Hayah then revealed to Radiance who the writer was and set to delete all comments.

Before deleating however, Zaded read the entry and thought ( as she told us today) that both the entry and the comments were of Radience’s making and marvelled at her level of anger.

So today both my gud friends and blogmates are back to where they were (gud pals maybe even gonna get married soon 🙂 ) I reveal that I am the writer of the entry and the entry is baseless, but I shall keep it on this blog to remind us that strangers are of many makings….

…even sitting side by side to each other in class or sharing a blog dosent mean u cant keep secrets 😉

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About blogbhoots

What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

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