My experience of Dasain this time

We, Nepalese, celebrate Dasain every year to be with family, to have fun and basically to relax. This is the time when families get together and do things that make them happy. Worshipping Gods and Goddesses is one of the main parts of this festival. What I was doing in the previous Dasains was doing assignments, trying to get rid of household works and getting detached from the festive mood. One thing I need to mention here is that things get interesting and appealing when you get involved and that’s what exactly I did this Dasain and I am so happy that my family members are so supportive of what I did and tried to get me involved as much as possible.

On the day of Astami, we have this ‘chalan’ of inviting our relatives at home. In my case my relatives are my dad’s one of the brothers and his family. Two of my cousins are not in Nepal and only one cousin is here. On the day, my mom planned to make roti and I knew how to make (not a big deal actually for those who know it) but for me even if I make roti I feel so proud of myself. 😉 I was so interested to help her as she was not complaining about anything. I was so encouraged to help her more. If you want someone to do certain thing then let him/her do the thing in his/her own way and appreciate it and suggest him/her to do that in a certain way if you are not satisfied. Then only that person can learn and do the thing otherwise once you start criticizing then he/she gets bored and sometimes irritated and gets discouraged.

Then we all went out together to visit one of the monasteries in Kathmandu. I forgot the name of the monastery but it is located on the way to Gokarna. We bought some fruits on the way. The monastery was clean and beautiful as always and we took some pictures.

( Will be put up later)

The last time we went there the main monastery was closed but this time both the monasteries were open. It was delightful to see little monks and to listen to their ‘paths’. If you are someone who loves to see new places and want to be in a peaceful place to relax away from hustle and bustle and freaking crowd of Kathmandu then I would recommend visiting this place. It is very near from Kathmandu. It will take around 20 to 30 minutes from New Road.

After returning home, we cooked the cuisines that we liked instead of the compulsory Newari Bhoj. This made everyone happy. The next day Nawami, we went to our relatives the same relatives that I mentioned before. On that day we prepared momo and took that in a hot case and went to a place called Khoicha. This is on the way to Bungamati. There is a little village. This place is also not very far. It will take around 45 minutes to one hour from Newroad. We went to a little village home to drink tea. There was an old man, an owner of the house and we started conversation with him. He was telling us how people have changed and how their life styles have changed. He was talking about ‘dhido’ and chow chow, pollution and fresh air, and most importantly how sons (though this applies to both sons and daughters) need to protect their nose their ‘ijjat’). He said that he was blessed to have good sons. It was interesting to listen to his talk. By the way, tea in his place is really tasty.

It was getting dark and we could not go to far away places so we decided to go to Kirtipur near Tribhuvan University. I know this is little funny. What we did was we parked our car on the roadside as there were not many vehicles and we ate momos near T.U. We could have gone back to home and eaten but my dad and my dad’s brother was like we have to eat outside as that’s what we decided. We enjoyed eating momo on the way. These are the smallest of small things, simplest of simple things that give us the sheer joy and happiness.

The day of Tika. This is my favorite day of Dasain festival as I get money from elders. This time also I got money but the minimum of all Dasain I guess. 😦 On this day we went to visit temples. First we visited Budhanilkantha temple at Narayanthan where King is forbidden to visit. We visited one monastery inside Shivapuri National Park called Nagi Gumbha. To reach this monastery you have to walk for around 45 minutes from the national park gate but if you are taking a car then also it will take around 30 minutes as the way to this Gumbha is very rough. In our car we were all moving up and down and sideways. It was all jerky. A fun experience though. Then you have to take stairs of around 200 steps. But at the top the place is very beautiful and you could get the magnificent view down of Budhanilkantha. But on that day we forgot to take camera. From there we returned and visited Naxal Bhagwati and then to Maitidevi Bhagwati. Then as usual we returned to my Mamaghar for Tika.

On the next day of Tika, we went to Dakshinkali. I went there may be after almost 3-4 years. For an adventurous person like me who like to travel and just travel, this Dasain has been a Dasain of reminiscence. When I went to Budhanilkantha I got to see my high school, Budhanilkantha school and since there are so many things attached with this school whether it be food related or emotional, many things came across my mind beautiful as well as sad I had had there in the school. Naghi Gumbha which I had gone before for research with two completely unknown people and the nice moments we had there got revived in my mind.

I know that everyone has his/her own way of celebrating festivals such as Dasain, as for me festivals mean unity, strength and working together. I know the things that I mentioned are simple but I am the person who takes much delight in smallest of small things. For me this time, the festival has been simply superb. Still three more days to go for Dasain to be over, I hope my remaining days will be as joyful and blessed as had been in the past four days.

Wishing all again an exuberant DASAIN. Stay safe stay cool. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “My experience of Dasain this time

  1. awwww! Rad man, now we need to eat some roti at ur place! Do u realize that ive never come to ur house in 3.5 years? But I agree, the simplest things in life are the most cherished and cost nothing. Money will come and go but memories will remain through out life.

    Im really glad u enjoyed Dasain, u deserved a gud break from college esp heheh! Nway, ready to restart college, go on our final field trip, work on assignments and finish this sem off then??? See ya soon dear!

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