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The conversation started with my dream where I saw Prashant Tamang and one of my friends and I was telling about the dream. Then moving with that, she told me that the Sony TV plays the new video of Prashant Tamang very less as compared to earlier Indian Idols and we were talking about the chaos that took place in Silgudi. I am not aware of the chaos but my friend was saying that how some people of Silgudi were jealous or simply say they could not digest that Prashant Tamang is an Indian Idol. But that is a fact.

Then we started discussing what we thought about the separation of Terai. Is it ok that Terai becomes a separate state. We (pahades and others) are dependent on Terai for our food and how the so called Madhesh people are widespread in Kathmandu and other hilly areas and if Madhesh becomes a separate state, both the parties will be in lose-lose situation. This has to be understood by all Nepalese and we have to work united. Then we were talking about the politics and how these political parties’ leaders are just doing nothing. They have been talking about constituent assembly every single day from I don’t know months ago but have not been able to come with any decision. Almost everyday they come with varieties of decision and I get shocked to see that people who have the power of ‘operating’ the state don’t have any focus. They say that they want to leave the decision to people but they are not ready to go for referendum about the monarchy system. I think if we students talked about it the whole day then I think we will at least have a clear vision as to whether we want constituent assembly or not the next day. It is actually ridiculous that so called political parties who have been practicing politics have not been able to think clearly about the constituent assembly whether they want it or not. The so called intellectuals are still vague about that, and don’t know what they want to do. They are acting as if they have no responsibility to the people. I know this sucks but for a layman like me there is nothing to do but just pour my own thoughts.

Then we were talking about India how people are so passionate to progress their country and how they are working united. Yesterday I saw this music video of ‘Lead India’. The video was so influencing and so inspiring that I was just awestruck. A small boy despite all rain tries to remove the wood log that lies ahead. There was a traffic jam because of the log and no one was doing anything. The boy tries to remove it but it is impossible, then other children of the locality join him and then two-three young guys and girls who were previously in the bus waiting in the jam see this and come out of the bus and then there are other men also who come out and remove the log together. It was a very very good video trying to give a message. Then there is a My India report program in channel [V] where a few guys and girls are travelling different states of India and reporting about these places. They are simply trying to know what people from different states think about certain things. I wouldn’t say program is very very good as they are limited to accessible places (that’s what I think as I haven’t seen them going to any village of India).But at least they are trying to show the good things that some organisations are doing or some good policies the state has for example no smoking in the public zone policy in Chandigarh. In discos they were young people dancing and enjoying but they were not smoking.

These are just an initial few steps that India has taken and I could see how passionate people are about their country and want to give positive messages. Comparing this with our Nepalese context, Nepal needs to learn many many things and Nepalese need to change attitudes and behaviors. Nepalese people lack the passion and energy to work united. I think there are a very very few people who do their jobs passionately and think that they are doing for their country.

Peace and Unity

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What can we say?? We are all women, young adults, who are the same age more or less. We come from different backgrounds, 2 different countries, different religions, speak different languages, dress differently, (one of us is married!!), but yo...we got the fire to live life to the fullest while gaining inspiration along the way!!

One thought on “guff gaff

  1. Dear,
    We are more passionate than indians. We are more brillient and have art than indian. I observed many things during my study and proffessional carrier in india. We nepali people are far good.
    Very Sad, Mr. Girija and many other politician are honestly working for India. Congress, Communist are alwys looking for good power and money in the cabinet and doing protest for it. Fool nepali citizen are supporting them unworthy. Nepal is never stable since 70’s when we were better than malaysia and same like Korea.
    So, hope fren you understand the fact and never think that india is good and people are better.
    Now, if you talk about devlopment in india? The factors why it is having the things we seeing? Why dont you think why it cant have all the things. If china can have and why not india? The main thing is same what discussed. Go througly to the book for more information.
    Let us wish God wil give us power to change all the bad stuffs in Nepal.

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