View from the terrace


The sun sets beyond the mountains


An International Airlines Approaching the Tribhuwan International Airport ( View from the terrace)


A peek into the evening skies


Flying across the red skies


Lighted cloud!


The brush stroke of the Creator….

Pictures by Dikshya. The (amateur) photographer also blogs at this address

A notice For all the Amateur Women Photographers interested in putting up their pictures in Photoblogs here: Women Bloggers of South Asia ( WBSA) gladly welcomes them to mail their pictures at A new category Through the Eyes of A Woman, has been created for this purpose . Please feel free to send in your pictures.

The Administrators (WBSA)


5 thoughts on “View from the terrace

  1. Wow these are some gorgeous snaps!!! The plane ones are simply simply stunning!!

    Cud u guys please post them up on WBSA?

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