A different man

Barack Obama IS a different man. Watching his inauguration yesterday was proof enough. Its not about him. Its about the feelings he has stirred in people, the emotions he has caused even the most emotionless to have, the tears of not sadness but the possibility of the ease of sadness, the joy and celebration not only for the end of a ruthless Bush regime but for the beginning of the chance to dream.


Obama as an individual is just an ordinary man, with an extraordinary gift, but more than anything he is sincere and the sincerity shines through him and what he says and it shines through the faces of his humble family.


I have no idea if he can fulfill all the hopes and possibilities that he has created in the world today, but I am sure he will try his best, and that’s good enough in a world in which leaders dont even try to lead. Obama is not a hero, but he is as close to a great leader simply for what he has achieved so far. For when it comes to his campaign and his victory, even on inauguration day Obama has achieved more than any other modern day leader has achieved and he has proven that one man CAN make a difference.

Whatever he may or may not do, one thing is certain, he will try and bring out the best in people, for him peace will come before war and family before fortune. He has come with a belief that he can make a difference and this belief will be enough to shine through his actions. He may not change the world, nor heal it, nor end all suffering, but he has already brought so much hope to  hopeless hearts and smiles on faces weighed down by grief and caused people busy with their lives to stop and listen and think beyond themselves.


This is what our generation has been waiting for, this is the type of leader we all dream of following, but his actions will not be fulfilled untill we the people act ourselves.


The American people have proven their cause, now its time for the rest of us around the world to hope for something bigger and better, to hope that for us too ….one day…change will come…one person at a time…


3 thoughts on “A different man

  1. I can understand where this feeling comes from. The whole world has been so negetively driven over the past decade that we cannot break away and think differently. Its good to be critical, it is critical thoughts that allow us to be careful. However we must believe that things CAN be different, not the best, not the greatest, but different in a better more postitive way.

    Like I said, Obama is not a superhero nor a king, he is a human that believes he can make a change, and untill you can come up with a better, more hopeful path than what he has taken, I dont think we can judge how bad (or how good) he is.

    Being American is not a crime, just like being Nepali is not a crime. I know some Nepalis that are cruel men and women, but most Nepalis I know my best friends for life. So to make a judgement on a population based on their nationality is low thinking.

    We must all strive to break sterotypes for it is sterotypes that has really divided us humans.

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