Digging up blog gold

Its strange what the absence of technology can sometime get you to do. In my case a busted laptop  resulted in a huge vacancy in my evening timeslot, that got me to dig up some of my old boxes out of curiosity to see how many roaches had made their homes in it. And Lo and Behold! I found my old blogging book!! Its a apple greenish spiral bind with stains of coffee …and what I hope is tea. Red ink has smudged some pages and blue ink is fading in others.

This humble blogger, used to first write out her pages long entries in a diary and then type them up on to her blog, only selected ones that is. The first entries of this particular diary are from April 2006!! Reading them brought out memories so deep and intense… a part of me wanted to just call up Darshan and the rest of the gang …miles away and and tell em of my precious find. Everything from Nepali politics of the days, to uni trips to the Rang De Basanti discussion at Martin Chautari, to the mundane ramblings of the day to each observations of my own idiosyncrasies are in it. And since the spiral bind is now entering the downward spiral of decline and I got meself a new lap (yeah baby!! 🙂 , I am going to be finally posting the unpublished entries up on AKA with a disclaimer of course, that they were written by my younger, carefree’er’ and perhaps wiser self 😉 … so…. here goes… !


3 thoughts on “Digging up blog gold

  1. First things first, WELCOME BACK!
    2. This theme is too for an inactive blog 😛
    3. Waiting for the ENTRY!!!

  2. I forgot to add ‘good’ to the second point. ‘theme is too good for an inactive blog’ 🙂

  3. Sank you D. GAWD I missed my blog!!! I was technologically handicapped this past 3-4-5 months. Imagine having to live with checking facebook on a mobile phone screen? Sheesh. Anyway…guuud to be bak 🙂

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