Gold Digg entry 2: Taking a stance

This post is a journal entry from Hayah’s diary dated 13th April 2006. It was an entry written during the civil uprising against the Nepalese monarchy in 2006.


I asked and asked and asked…”what can we do?” …”what should be done?” …”what is the youth role in all this?”. Its damn frustrating for all of us to watch the country we love crumbling down. Thing is, going down to the streets and throwing stones are not an option for me. I am binded within the state, family and within my own principles to do that. The people on the streets are apparently fighting for the 7 party (alliance between Maoist and parties opposing the King’s regime) – to gain emacipation for Nepal in the name of the 7 party. To bring democracy for Nepal in the name of the 7 party – and so when the 3rd generation kids of Nepal are studying history this is gonna be a 7 party victory, even though not one, not one high level leader from the freaking 7 party has come down to the street or gotten a baton shot. Many people in the streets done even know what or who they are fighting for. 7 party?? What 7 party??? Where are the 7 party leaders??? Why can’t they come and get a baton shot, or a stone on there cheek – what would it hurt??? They are willing to bring democracy whatever the cost right?? What about at the cost of their lives then??? Get them down to the streets willing to sacrifice life and limb and then we know they CARE –. We need leaders that CARE and LOVE Nepal. And we shall not compromise with anything less. Period.

Tell me one leader – one leader who has the support of the population of Nepal – or even half the population. We dont have leaders to elect when democracy comes – NONE of them – NONE of them have a clean history. We need leaders with clean histories and vision. When the 7 party comes to power, they are gonna abuse it, because we dont have a system that corrects law and order, we dont have a system that roots out evil, we dont have a self correcting system. At least if our system was in order – then our leaders will do the job we elected them to do. Do you think we will have any say in the constitution? U think we shall have any say in the system?? You think our votes will count amidst all that rigging?? No!!! because we are the youth – and youth dont have experience, Heck – experience comes with opportunity and if we have not been given the opportunity then from where the hell will experience come from??? Leaning from bajaays (old men) mistakes is a whole lot of experience enough – thank you. I am speaking like I am a Nepali – dont mind – right now I am thinking like I am one – if this were my country what would I do – thats how I am thinking. I am thinking as a global citizen.

Since the system is not a man or woman – then we need not fight it will bullets, bricks and batons. We need to fight it with brains, basics and ballots. And thats where the youth comes in. I shall resist passively with my physical strengths, but actively with my intellectual strengths, with the little I have. I shall fight with my words, voice, action and thoughts, not with any physical power other than my fingers. I shall denounce all violence – 7 party, people, armed forces or terrorism. My war is from now on purely intellectual. We shall protest and when we do we shall do it with our words. Not words that are shouted out with a whole lot of saliva, meaningless, senseless, but with words that have been thought over and whose challenges and impacts have been comprehended. Our words shall be WELL DEFINED. And when we protest it shall not be for or against any one side. But for people. And all and everyone in this are after all people. We shall not carry any flags, but white flags, flags symbolizing that we want cleansing, we want sanity and sense. We want clean beginnings. Everything from the basic.

Which includes that our leaders should have clean intentions too. Passion, mission, vision. Their wages, budget, allowances and incentives, we shall decide. Whatever their public affairs – we shall decide. We the people. For that we need time, time to educate our masses. Time to educate our generation – the generation next, rural and urban about what we have and what we want. Its time we resist passively, with our words, not targeting anyone or anything – but the system. We need a fool proof democratic system – therefore no matter who comes to power, obviously elected by the Nepalese, it will be self correcting and can eradicate power mongers and root out corruption. Question is how do we do it? we need to fight it INTELLECTUALLY.


Disclaimer: This was a rambling of Hayah’s younger self. Although the views expressed above may have contributed to her perspectives on things today, these views and perspectives may no longer be the same, thus don’t judge. Yet.

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